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How we started:


Hi!  My name is Kristin and I'm the face behind Granola Mama. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing with a minor in Nutrition and have always had an interest in health and wellness. After suffering an injury in 2009 I became even more focused on my health during the recovery process. And since finding healthy yet tasty snacks proved challenging, I started creating my own. Before long I had friends and family requesting that I create granola bars and treats for them...and voila, Granola Mama was born!


I strive to create delicious, healthy, gluten-free, dairy free, all natural snacks using the highest quality organic and local ingredients whenever possible. One such example is the honey I use in all my recipes---it is harvested from a local bee farm just outside of St. Albert. Each recipe has been created by Granola Mama and constantly revised until it passes the highest standards.


We are able to accommodate custom orders and most dietary restrictions, allergies and/or food sensitivities. We can also create custom gift baskets for corporate events, as well as cater small events or parties. We provide free shipping/delivery within Edmonton North and Sherwood Park as well as on orders over $100.










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